Let a Professional Run Your Ads

Run profitable ads on Facebook and Instagram
You give up stuff when advertising with Saro Media.
Stuff like setup costs, miscommunication and doubt.
An alternative to the industry standard of overpriced and mediocre work that has little effect.

From $750 per month, you can use our social media marketing skills to make a profit, lower your customer acquisition costs and grow your business.

Saro Media is effective and low-risk online advertising — a smart investment for small brands and businesses in any industry.

Read on to find out why Saro Media is the best bang for your advertising buck, when it comes to Facebook and Instagram.

They're winning. You can too.

Saro does an excellent job marketing all of our boat party events; he achieved incredible ROI with a small budget. Thanks to him, we sell out all our events (400+ people per event)! Wouldn’t choose anyone else to handle my marketing over Saro. Highly recommended.

Zachariah Washington Kenneh

Saro is one of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met. He goes the extra mile and doesn’t takes shortcuts. He makes sure the jobs get done correctly and learns along the way. Working with Saro has been an awesome experience. He has helped me grow and think in a different way. Thank you Saro for all your hard work and I’m honoured to call you a friend.

Alex Aleman

Working with Saro Media has been a great experience. They are always giving extra value by providing new ideas and knowledge that has helped my business to grow. I can rely on them, knowing that they will make the best job in good time

Fernando Lorca

Saro is a consummate professional who treats my account as he would his own, looking to maximize our ROI. He knows his stuff and what he doesn't know he's open about. He's also a very friendly and even patient fellow, easy to work with and worthy of the client's trust.

David McHale

Saro is really helpful, very professional and he works his job well!I am looking forward to my future project to work with him! This was one of my best experiences on Fiverr. Saro was there to answer all my questions, request and more.if you want to put your business on the right track and into honest hands, Saro is the perfect person.

Driss Jannah

Saro has been doing an outstanding job as our social media strategist, with great attention to detail, bleeding edge marketing techniques and excellent customer service - highly recommended!

Nick Toth

Saro has helped me increase my marketing results! He is knowledgeable, goes above and beyond, and professional. Highly recommended!

Jeremy Molley

Saro is determined to get you the results you are looking for and always over delivers! If you are looking to take your business/marketing to the next level, Saro is your guy! Don’t pass up the opportunity to allow his team to help you get to where you would love to be!

Chase Mayes

Saro is a professional! Understands marketing & doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to first class QUALITY services...

iQ Haywood
No secret sauce or algorithm hacks. Just smart work from an experienced marketer.
Saro takes the responsibility of managing your advertising budget seriously. Put your advertising budget in the hands of one who gets satisfaction from seeing you make money and hates to see you lose it. Setup, plus on-going strategy, optimisation and analysis are all done by your Saro and his team who is here to help you grow your brand.

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Let a Professional Run Your Ads
Lower customer acquisition costs and grow your business
No setup fees - only pay for value