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10 Tips to Successfully Launch Your Shopify Ecommerce Business

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As if the world wasn’t already gravitating toward online shopping and commerce, this was further propelled in 2020 with a global pandemic. Since then, many stores that remained offline up until that point moved online in order to keep their doors open and their mortgages paid, while others who relied on traditional jobs found themselves in a position of wanting to be able to have another source of income.

When starting an ecommerce business, Shopify is hands down the simplest and most robust platform that an entrepreneur can start with. It has the simplicity and price point that makes it easy for beginners in the ecommerce space, but still has the strength and stability needed for much larger ecommerce businesses that do millions of dollars in sales each year. It’s truly the best of both worlds. But when you’re first launching your Shopify store, what are the best tips to do so successfully and start getting sales immediately?

1. Solve a problem 

The key to starting a successful business isn’t just deciding on a product and selling it. It’s about finding a problem and then figuring out what type of product you can sell as a solution. Selling a solution, rather than a product, will always be the best way to actually make money. 

2. Don't create a store. Create a Brand

Although you are building an ecommerce store, it’s important to make sure that you’re not just seeing it as a store but also as a brand. When you’re planning your site, the language used, the aesthetics, etc. you want to keep your ideal customer in mind and tailor it to them.

3. Have the best product page on the planet

A dull, generic product page isn’t going to get you anywhere. In most cases, a product similar to yours already exists and is being sold by other stores online. So how do you get past this competition? Make sure your product page is the literal best on the planet. Focus on photos and, especially, phenomenal copywriting. A quick bulleted description isn’t going to cut it anymore!  You need to really sell your product in your description to convert visitors into buyers, which means you need to focus on excellent copywriting. 

4. Mobile view first

Most people will build their store looking at the design primarily on a computer because that’s where it’s most traditionally being built and tested. But in 2021, it’s estimated that 53.9% of online shopping will be done via a mobile phone. A desktop optimized website doesn’t always look or function well on a mobile phone, but a Shopify ecommerce website designed with mobile in mind will usually function well on a computer.

5. Focus on the user experience

Before you launch, make sure that you look at your website as if you were a first time visitor. If you were shopping, would you be able to find everything you’re looking for, like shipping information, return policy, etc.? Ensure you consider all of the common roadblocks that stop people from purchasing so that you don’t turn away customers and lose out on those sales.

6. Work on your social media 

It’s no secret that social media marketing is an effective way to build a brand and get sales. Before you launch, make sure you work on your social media by creating consistent, relevant content and creating some hype so that you can launch to an excited audience.

7. Have a launch plan 

Your launch plan should include everything from getting your Shopify ecommerce business’s website up and running to having a marketing strategy in place. Without a plan, you have no idea what you’re doing and will just be aimlessly “working” while making very little progress.

8. Don’t do it all yourself

While it seems tempting to do everything yourself because you’re an entrepreneur and you think you can do it all, don’t. Some things are best left up to the professionals, especially if you want to follow a straight and steady road to success and sales. You have plenty of tasks to take on and you know the saying: time is money. Hire out the most critical tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius.

9. Good design matters 

Ensuring that your Shopify ecommerce website is aesthetically pleasing is crucial. But that’s not all! Good design is also about the way your website functions. Luckily with Shopify, this can usually be done with a premium theme, which brings us to our last point... 

10. Hire an agency 

Like we said: you shouldn’t do it all. If ecommerce design and development isn’t in your zone of genius, you need to pass it off to someone who can do it right and do it quickly. If you’re ready to get started on the right foot, click here and let’s talk about the Shopify store you’re planning to start and let us help you get it up and running in no time! In just about a week, you will be ready to make sales. Sound good?

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