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Shopify is the backbone of our operations and where all the magic happens. As an eCommerce platform, Shopify empowers businesses of all sizes to build, customize, and scale their online stores with ease. With a seemingly infinite range of features and integrations, Shopify provides the foundation for our design and development services, allowing us to create exceptional digital experiences for our clients.


Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk designed for eCommerce businesses. It centralizes customer inquiries from various channels, such as email, chat, and social media, into one platform, streamlining communication and response times. Gorgias also offers automation and integration capabilities to optimize support workflows and provide personalized customer experiences.


Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform for Shopify stores, offering a suite of tools to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and sales. It includes features such as reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, and social sharing, enabling you to build stronger relationships with your customers and incentivize repeat purchases.


HotJar is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how visitors interact with your Shopify store. It offers heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and other tools to gather insights into user behavior and identify areas for improvement. HotJar's data-driven approach allows you to optimize your store's design, navigation, and conversion funnels to enhance the user experience and drive conversions.


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform tailored specifically for eCommerce businesses. It helps you build targeted email campaigns based on customer behavior and purchase history, allowing you to engage customers effectively and drive sales. Klaviyo also provides powerful analytics and segmentation tools to optimize your email marketing strategy.


LoyaltyLion is a customer loyalty and rewards platform designed to increase customer retention and lifetime value. It allows you to create customizable loyalty programs, reward customers for purchases and other actions, and engage them through personalized incentives and promotions. LoyaltyLion integrates seamlessly with Shopify to provide a comprehensive loyalty solution for businesses looking to build long-term relationships with their customers.


Okendo is a customer reviews and ratings platform built for eCommerce brands. It helps you collect and display authentic customer reviews, photos, and testimonials on your Shopify store, building social proof and trust with potential buyers. Okendo also offers advanced features like review request automation, customizable widgets, and rich analytics to maximize the impact of customer feedback.


Patchworks is a leading integration platform designed for eCommerce brands. It enables seamless connectivity between your Shopify store and other essential business applications, such as ERP, CRM, and warehouse management systems. With Patchworks, you can automate data flows, eliminate manual processes, and ensure consistent, real-time information across all systems. Advanced features like drag-and-drop interface, pre-built connectors, and robust analytics empower you to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.


ReCharge is a subscription billing and recurring payments platform designed for Shopify merchants. It enables you to sell subscription products, manage recurring billing cycles, and offer flexible subscription options to customers. ReCharge integrates seamlessly with Shopify to provide a complete subscription management solution for businesses looking to monetize recurring revenue streams.


ShipMonk is a fulfillment and logistics solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for Shopify merchants. It offers warehousing, inventory management, order processing, and shipping services, helping you deliver orders to customers quickly and efficiently. ShipMonk integrates seamlessly with Shopify to provide a seamless end-to-end fulfillment solution.


ShipStation is a leading shipping software that simplifies order fulfillment and shipping management for eCommerce businesses. It centralizes orders from multiple sales channels, automates shipping processes, and provides access to discounted shipping rates from top carriers. ShipStation's robust features and integrations make it easy to manage shipping operations and deliver a seamless post-purchase experience to customers.


Weglot is a translation app designed to make your Shopify store multilingual with ease. It automatically translates your store's content into multiple languages, allowing you to reach a broader audience and expand your international customer base. Weglot offers customizable translation options and seamless integration with Shopify for a smooth localization process.


Yotpo is a customer content marketing platform that helps eCommerce businesses generate and leverage user-generated content. It enables you to collect product reviews, photos, and Q&A from customers, and then use this content to drive conversions and increase sales. Yotpo also offers advanced marketing tools, such as social ads and referrals, to amplify your brand's reach and engagement.


Zapiet is a powerful app that enables you to offer flexible delivery and pickup options for your Shopify store, making it ideal for restaurants and booking-based websites. It allows you to set up custom delivery zones, time slots, and pricing tailored to your specific requirements. With Zapiet, you can optimize your store's checkout process to provide maximum convenience and satisfaction for your customers.