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Capturing the Royalty of Oud

Pure Oud oil products embody luxury, authenticity, and excellence. From nurturing Agarwood trees to delicately extracting their essence, Pure Oud UK craft premium oud oil with utmost care and respect for nature's purity.

Client: Pure Oud UK

  • What We Did

    • UX/UI Design
    • A-Z Shopify Build
    • Theme Customisation
    • Payments & Checkout
    • Integrations
    • Website Redesign
  • With a Helping Hand From

    • Shopify
    • Klaviyo
    • Google PageSpeed
    • Google Analytics
    • GoDaddy

The Brief

Targeting an affluent demographic, the client aimed to capitalise on the luxury appeal of their product. Opting for Shopify as their platform, they sought to establish a premium online presence that reflected the product's exclusivity.

The Challenge

The goal was to convey the product's luxury appeal through the website's visuals.

With the website being first on the client's to-do list, the absence of photography posed a significant challenge.

While luxury was communicated through nuanced design elements, immersive photography played a crucial role in capturing the essence effectively. However, due to the product's specificity, finding suitable placeholders proved exceedingly difficult.

This meant relying heavily on our design intuition and creativity to bridge the gap and convey the desired aesthetic effectively.

The Result

A couple of years later, revisiting the client's website showed a noticeable upgrade with the addition of high-quality photography and even videography.

We found it satisfying to see how well these visuals blend with the design, complementing the site's visual appeal and successfully conveying the product's luxury appeal.