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From Brand Concept to Post-Launch

Founded by two dedicated Hindus with vegetarian family members, Rajan and Nate established Plantagenix, a company committed to providing superior plant-based nutrition. Plantagenix has pioneered vegetable-derived "Complete Collagen" in the United States.

Client: Plantagenix

  • What We Did

    • UX/UI Design
    • A-Z Shopify Build
    • Integrations
    • Theme Customisation
    • Payments & Checkout
    • Brand Design
    • Branding
  • With a Helping Hand From

    • Shopify
    • Coolors
    • Figma
    • Flow
    • Google Analytics
    • GoDaddy
    • Google PageSpeed
    • HotJar
    • Loom
    • ShipMonk
    • Tawk.to

The Brief

The brief was straightforward: the client needed a scalable, high-end Shopify store. Anticipating future expansions into new product lines and categories, the website had to seamlessly accommodate these additions.

The Challenge

In many instances, clients may lack resources for graphics and photography. This necessitates sourcing stock imagery, which can be risky if not managed carefully.

Photoshoots ensure cohesive imagery that accurately reflects the brand's identity and enhances its credibility. Achieving consistency with stock imagery requires meticulous attention to detail to match the authenticity of photoshoots.

The Result

The website underwent multiple phases of rigorous user testing involving the client's peers and network. In the final round, unanimous feedback highlighted that the website conveyed trustworthiness and provided all necessary information in a clear and navigable path, crucial for educating potential customers before making a purchase.

  • Lauren, Co-Founder & Creative Director