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Mosman Bakery's Shopify Debut

After years of planning and delivering major events for corporate clients, A-List celebrities and members of the Royal Family, Anna Eden began looking for an opportunity to take her creativity, attention to detail and her background in cutting edge culinary techniques in a brand new direction. Coming from a family where cooking was in the blood she began The Classic Cupcake Co. in 2012.

Client: The Classic Cupcake Co (Mosman, Sydney)

  • What We Did

    • Website Redesign
    • Store Migration
    • Data Migration
    • Theme Customisation
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Payments & Checkout
    • Integrations
  • With a Helping Hand From

    • Shopify
    • GoDaddy
    • Google Analytics
    • Google PageSpeed
    • HotJar
    • Klaviyo
    • Loom
    • Zapiet
    • Shopify Search & Discovery
    • ShipStation
    • Marsello

The Brief

Anna's previous website lacked eCommerce functionality, redirecting customers to a painfully slow food ordering app. She was eager for a robust platform that could unite her storefront with eCommerce.

Furthermore, Anna's cupcakes are completely customisable, allowing customers to choose the icing colour or add a personalised image. This required third-party integrations to facilitate these customisations. Customers also needed to select a pickup or delivery window.

Finally, Anna also offers cupcake classes and children's parties, necessitating seamless integration of both the front and back end of the new website with appointment booking software.

The Challenge

Shopify has never positioned itself as the ideal platform for food ordering. Although there are third-party plugins available to enable this functionality on Shopify, the challenge lies in integrating these technologies and establishing clear channels between them.

The Result

Anna was eager to streamline her work life and spend more time with her kids. Integrating all her systems and platforms into one unified dashboard not only made her kitchen staff happier but also allowed Anna to focus more on business growth.

Shortly after completing the project, I received a call from Anna, excited to launch her first marketing campaign.