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Let Photography Speak for Lowkey Down Under

Originating in 2017 by two Melbournian brothers, Lowkey is an Australian grown lifestyle brand inspired by underground streetwear, hip hop, and UK grime culture.

Client: Lowkey Down Under

  • What We Did

    • A-Z Shopify Build
    • Data Migration
    • Theme Customisation
    • Payments & Checkout
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Store Migration
    • Website Redesign
  • With a Helping Hand From

    • Shopify
    • Afterpay
    • GoDaddy
    • Klaviyo

The Brief

Luke approached me to transition their e-commerce website from WooCommerce to Shopify. Despite their strong brand presence, their existing platform failed to provide the ease of use, customisation options, and performance they needed. They sought a solution that would simplify website management, improve navigation, and showcase their products more effectively. Engaging us for this critical project, they aimed to create a site that not only reflects their brand's identity but also enhances user experience and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

It's always a challenge when a client seeks to duplicate their existing site on a new platform.

Finding a suitable theme is just the beginning—only about 20% of the work. The bulk of the effort lies in the meticulous comparison between the two versions of the site to ensure that the only distinguishable features of the Shopify version are conscious enhancements for performance or design.

Additionally, the importance of custom fonts is becoming more recognised among brands. While this is excellent for brand identity, custom fonts must be handled with great attention to detail to ensure they do not impact page load times or present display errors on older devices.

The Result

We maintained the same brand aesthetic on the new Shopify site, but made it faster and more intuitive to navigate with the dropdown menus and a more simplified home page. By paying meticulous attention to custom font implementation, we ensured that page load times remained swift and that the site displayed correctly across all devices.

Furthermore, Shopify allows for effortless management, enabling Luke and his team to update and customise the site without needing any coding knowledge. With the foundation solidly in place, they can easily replace banners and add new products, saving considerable time. This efficiency has freed up valuable time for them to focus on their Instagram game, enhancing their social media presence and engagement.

  • Saro converted my exisiting woo-commerce site to Shopify, and I couldn't be happier with how well he completed this, he even went to extra lengths to help me a+++
    Was a pleasure to work with, great communication I will definitely be returning for further development or adjustments to my new site!