I'll give you the quick version

November 2018:

I'm 18, working at a pizza shop, and find myself with some extra time and some mozzarella on my hands.

I devour the mozarella and decide to put that extra time to good use.

I build a tutoring website, market it, and it starts doing really well!

I keep myself busy with it for a little while, but then decide to put my website-making skills to better use.

I start freelancing as a Shopify web designer and a social media marketer for eCommerce stores.

And the rest is... the present?

I take things to the next level the more skilled and experienced I get. So here we are.

What can you take away from this story?

My tutoring website did well, because it was my own, and I treated it as such.

The same way I treated any client's website. It's the only way I seem to know how.

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